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Farm Insurance Policies

Farm Services and Out Buildings Blanket Coverage Farm Liability Crop Hail Damage

Insure Your Farm With One of Our Policies

A significant part of the protection provided by your farm property insurance is for the home in which you and your family live as well as its’ contents. Your policy includes coverage for:

  • The structure itself
  • Contents, such as furniture, appliances and personal property
  • Garages, gazebos and swimming pools
  • Liabilities from injuries to house guests

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Farm machinery and equipment

Covers your essential farm equipment and machinery such as tractors, combines and other equipment that keep your farm running smoothly and efficiently. It can be listed as scheduled farm personal property so that it is specifically insured or it can be listed as part of the unscheduled farm personal property which provides blanket coverage.

Farm Services and Out Buildings

Covers barns, sheds, outbuildings and other structures used for dairy, swine, cattle, poultry and general farming operations. Various loss settlement options, such as replacement cost or actual cash value, are available.


Unscheduled farm personal property coverage allows you to insure, on a blanket basis, a total value taken from a detailed inventory of your farm personal property.


Protects you and your assets from liability lawsuits or damages for which you may be liable.

Farm Insurance Companies Available: Auto Owners Insurance, Bird Island-Hawk Creek Mutual, Chubb Agribusiness, Fairmont Farmers Mutual, Madelia-Lake Crystal Mutual, Palmyra Farmers Mutual, Redwood County Mutual and Stark Farmers Mutual.

Crop Protection

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) is the oldest and most common form of federal crop insurance. MPCI protects against crop yield losses by allowing participating producers to insure a certain percentage of historical crop production. A single policy protects crops against all-natural perils, including adverse weather, fire, insects, disease, wildlife, earthquake, volcanic eruption, and failure of irrigation water due to unavoidable causes. It is delivered by private companies and reinsured by the federal government.

Buying a crop insurance policy is a risk management tool available to agricultural producers. Producers should consider how a plan will work in conjunction with their other risk management strategies to ensure the best possible outcome each crop year. Crop insurance agents and other agri-business specialists can assist producers in developing a good management plan. RMA provides policies for more than 100 crops. Policies typically consist of general crop insurance provisions, specific crop provisions, policy endorsements, and special provisions. See RMA’s county crop program listings for information about crop policies available in specific counties and states. Plans are available for most commodities; however, some policies are being tested as pilots or have not been expanded nationwide so are not available in all areas.