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What is Underground Service Line Coverage?


As a homeowner you’re responsible for the service lines that run from the curb to your home. When your service line is damaged it can be a very costly expense to repair or replace.  Underground Service Line Coverage is insurance designed to cover the cost to repair or replace damaged underground piping or wiring on your property for which you are responsible.

Service lines are fixtures that connect your house with public utilities or private systems that are critical to the function of your property.  They can include but are not limited to: main water or sewer piping, geo-thermal piping, valves, underground power lines, communication lines, fiber optic wiring or cables.

Coverage is triggered when a service line fails as a result of physical damage caused by deterioration, environmental conditions or other external forces.  Coverage includes the cost to repair or replace service lines as well as excavation costs, resulting damage to outdoor property and additional living expenses.

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